When you want your copy good and hot

Betsy Smith, Copy Barista
Energizing your business

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."  --Mark Twain

Words are tools for copywriters and, just as a barista needs to use the best tools and equipment for roasting, grinding, brewing, steaming, and frothing, a copy barista needs to choose just the right word or phrase to make an idea percolate. Key words to attract attention, trigger words to incite emotional responses, persuasive words to urge your customer to close the deal quickly.

"Cookie-cutters are only useful when actual cookies are involved."   --me    

Too many copywriters out there adopt the same style for every project. Your customers are not the same as mine, so it's important for the copy in your promotion to seem to be authentically yours, not mine, not my last client's.  

For that reason, I prefer to think of myself  as more of a shapeshifter than a cookie-cutter. I can research your company and brainstorm with you to acquaint myself with your service or product. Then, I'll get inside your head (not the restricted areas, of course), analyze your persona,   and adopt your voice so that it seems to be your words wafting out of the copy.


You know how it is--you wake up bleary-eyed, unfocused, aimless. You go through the motions of starting your day, with no idea of how you will ever make it from now until 5:00.  Then you have your first cup of coffee, and SHAZZAM! Your blood starts flowing, your mind starts ticking off ideas, and you're ready for anything!

Think of great copy as a hot, steaming cup of coffee for your business. With strongly crafted copy, you'll see the sluggishness of customer response explode with profit-attracting magnetic energy!

As a professional copywriter, I understand what you want, and I know what it takes to get it for you. Through dynamic, engaging, persuasive presentation of vital information, I can take your business from where you are now to where you want to be. Or further. Or even further.  I can present your product or service in an engaging, powerful way, making it irresistible to your target market.

Some business people may think that hiring a copywriter is an expense they can do without; however, it's actually an essential investment in your own success!

By designating just a small portion of your marketing budget to  the services of a professional copywriter, you'll save yourself the time and frustration of doing it yourself. (After all, we all know that neither writing nor selling is easy. If it were, everybody would be doing it!)

Is it worth it to save a few beans if your bean counters don't see improvement in your bottom line? 

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